Take Your Singing Ability to the Next Level!
With The Intermediate Voice Course
The most comprehensive, intermediate level singing course you'll ever find for both male and female singers. Jim takes you on a journey towards becoming a better singer, with step by step instructions, easy to follow vocal exercises and fun practice sessions. 
You Will Blow Everyone Away With Your Newfound Singing Skills
This is the Musical Roadmap You've Been Searching For...
This series includes a massive variety of exercises, over 5 hours, to improve the strength of your voice, balance air flow, migrate your range, & take your vocal abilities to the next level.
Jim's Intermediate Voice Course picks up right at the cusp of the beginner to intermediate level.

If you’ve gone through a series of beginner exercises and are looking for a new challenge, or if you’re an intermediate level singer, but find yourself plateauing when it comes to executing various techniques, then you want this series.
You will learn to: 

→ Balance air pressure within your vocal chords and range
→ Develop power, range and strength in your voice
→ Flawlessly navigate through your vocal range.
→ Understand various chord scales & how to sing them like a pro
→ Obtain power and balance while singing ascending & descending notes
And So Much More!

Plus the series includes a library of mp3's, segmented for male and female vocal ranges, take your practice on the go while you drive, walk, relax outside or wherever you feel comfortable. 
How Can I Be Sure This Course Is For Me?
A valid question, and if you're like many of the aspiring singers out there, you've likely become disillusioned with being able to find a course that can truly help you in the way that a singing instructor could.

And we understand that, there certainly are significant benefits to taking lessons from an instructor in person, the primary one being that an instructor can help you overcome any challenges you face that may pertain specifically to your singing capabilities or execution of various techniques.

Fortunately, you can still get that personal touch with this series, through the TotallyVocals.com Community Forum. Jim is available to you for any questions you have throughout the course.
Still Skeptical About The Quality of Jim's Teaching? 
Check out these short lessons from TotallyVocals.com on two concepts Jim elaborates on within the full Intermediate Voice Course DVD. 
Pretty in-depth stuff, right?
But I'm Not an Intermediate Singer Yet!
That's completely fine, you can start of by grabbing a copy of the Beginner Vocal Course first.

By the time you complete this comprehensive beginner series you will have a complete understanding of your own voice. You'll know how the vocal chords function and be able to exercise them without strain or over-exertion, everything you need to know before taking on the Intermediate Course.
Jim has been teaching and singing practically his entire life, his ability and passion to educate aspiring singers is unmatched!
And if you're not completely satisfied with this series, you have 30 full days to send it back for a full refund.

If you’re not happy with the power, strength and range of your voice, need help navigating through chest, head and mix, are struggling with singing in a balanced and uniform way, don’t understand vocal resonance or cord closure, controlling airflow and any other vocal techniques, then this is your course.
What do you have to lose?
I'm Ready To Expand My Singing Ability!
Well what are you waiting for? 

The Intermediate Voice Course is the road map you've been seeking, the unique teaching approach Jim uses is unparalleled and builds your voice systematically, so that your foundation in singing is solid as can be.
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